The Future is Now: Preparing Our Youngest Scholars for a Digital World

Feel like you’re playing Whac-A-Mole with technology and littles? Guest Debbie Tannenbaum shares how to be successful in early childhood technology, offering innovative strategies to transform your classroom and overcome tech frustrations

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Early exposure to technology can help children develop digital literacy skills. Around 70% of kindergartners can use educational apps on tablets or smartphones. But it stands to reason that we must help students know how to effectively use these tools so they do not hinder and that they help  But do they know how to use technology effectively? And how much is too much?

Not all technology use is good, and overuse can hold students back. Use should be appropriate, tied to classroom content areas, and guided. With over 70% of US parents concerned about too much screen time for littles, they have a valid concern. And especially with littles, the time should be limited. Debbie Tannenbaum gives us guidance on the practical, balanced use of technology for children in kindergarten through second grade. If you want to know how to start helping little ones learn about technology, this podcast resource is for you to get started.

Debbie Tannenbaum, a veteran teacher and tech coach, has made it her mission to help students develop digital skills even as young as kindergarten. This podcast will explore Debbie’s key strategies for teaching digital literacy skills to our youngest students.