YSR Medical University Did Not Verify ‘NMC Letters’ Allowing Private Colleges to Increase Seats: VC

Dr YSR University of Health Sciences, the supervising authority for medical education in Andhra Pradesh, did not verify the National Medical Commission’s purported letters of permission, which private medical colleges produced to increase the number of medical seats in various branches, the varsity’s vice-chancellor said on Friday.

Korukonda Babji, vice-chancellor of the university, said the university has never in 30 years verified any letter that it has received in the name of the NMC.

He said this in wake of an enquiry started against three medical colleges in the state for enhancing the number of medical seats in their institutions based on a fake approval letter from NMC.

“In 30 years, we have never verified. Never happened. We get so many letters from NMC, we can’t check every letter and it is very difficult to reach them (NMC). They don’t answer,” Babji told PTI.

Rajamahendravaram-based GSL Medical College, Maharajah Institute of Medical Sciences (MIMS), Vizianagaram) and Shantiram Medical College, Nandyala, is said to have fraudulently increased the number of medical seats available to students.