Most Challenging Admission Interview for UKG

This happened in one of the schools in Bangalore where it is considered impossible to get a UKG/PG3 admission.  The child could not understand why they had brought her there.

The room had the parents, the teacher and the Principal (she). The school principal started to converse with the child, and yes, in English!

This is one of the most memorable interviews ever written.

Here goes.

“What’s your name?”


“Good. Tell me something you know.”

“I know many things. Tell me what you want!”

‘There could be no better point for refusing her admission,’ the parents dreaded. Sita’s mother tried to intervene and make up the situation, but the principal stopped her.

Turning to the child, she said, “Tell me any rhyme or story that you know.”

Again, “Which one do you want? Rhyme or Story!?”

“Ok. Please tell me a story.”

“Do you want to hear what I’ve read or what I wrote?”

Taken by surprise, she asked, “Oh, you write stories!?”

“Why should I not write?”

Now everyone present was taken aback. But the Principal was impressed with the answer. She would not have heard such a story in her life.

“Ok, tell me the story which you have written?”

Sita said, “one day, Ravanan kidnapped Sita and took her to Srilanka.”

The opening scene failed to impress but still, she encouraged the child to continue.

“Rama asked Hanuman’s help to rescue Sita. Hanuman too agreed to help Rama.”


“Now, Hanuman called his friend Spiderman.”

No one had expected this twist in the story!


“Because there are a lot of mountains between India and Sri Lanka, but if we have Spiderman we can easily go with his rope,” the child explained enthusiastically.

The Principal said, “But Hanuman can fly, isn’t it?”