School Principal at Narayana school

December 26, 2022
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Job Description

Location – Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Employer – The Narayana Group

Type – Full time

The Principal is the ultimate authority of all the branch affairs be it academic or non-academic. So everything and anything should be done only with his knowledge and permission as the case may be. He has to discharge the following duties for the smooth and efficient run of the school.

Þ Be intime to the school and give the bio–metric attendance.

Þ Check the attendance of the students (class-wise) and the staff i.e. both teaching and non-teaching,

(department wise).

Þ Check whether phone –calls are made to the parents of the absentees for the reason and explanation.

Þ Prepare a list of duties of jobs to be completed as per the instructions from the Central Office or the Zonal


Þ Check whether the teachers attend the classes in time and teach according to the micro –schedule.

Þ Duties and responsibilities of all the people working under you are given to them in black and white. See to that regularly, they follow it.

Þ Check whether a copy of the time–table and micro – schedule are pasted in each class.

Þ Check periodically whether the registers and files are maintained by the people concerned or not.

Þ Arrange for the smooth conduct of the examinations and the scanning, displaying of the results etc with the

help of the people under you.

Þ Get the fee follow – up done periodically.

Þ Conduct the parents meeting regularly.

Þ Identify the dissatisfied parents and talk to them and set it right lest they may prove fatal.

Þ Check whether electricity bill, phone bill and other expenses are reasonable and no wastage of money or kind

is done in the campus.

Þ Periodically talk to the hostellers and collect the first hand information about their stay and comfort in the


Þ See to that perfect cleanliness is maintained in the campus with the help of the campus in charge.

Þ Make the people accountable for each and every work to be done in the campus and give them the clarity of

their work in written form and take their acknowledgement.

Þ Conduct staff meeting after each test result is declared and get the issues discussed entered in the minutes


Þ Classes observation at least 4 classes per day.

Þ To check conduction of tests perfectly..

Þ To check the upload of the OMR’s (scanned)

Þ Counselling the students frequently.

Þ Regular interaction with the teachers.

Þ Conducting meeting with Non-MPC faculty regarding the schedules and conduction of slip tests & remedial

care for slow learners.

Þ To check the study hours.

Þ To counsel hostel students frequently.

Þ To check Hostel & Mess arrangements.

Þ To check the proper conduct of weekly MPC workshop.

Þ To check the accounts and front office maintaining properly or not.

Þ To check all the general maintenance of the infrastructure.

NOTE : All these activities, he/she should not do personally, he only has to get them done by the Acd-Principals, S.L’s and the Campus In-charge/AO.