School Principal

May 20, 2023
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Job Description

iTeach Schools Pune, Maharashtra, India

About the job

iTeach Schools runs free and high-impact secondary schools and a college-to-career program for the most disadvantaged students of Pune and PCMC. Like many Indian cities, both of these public education systems only go up to Grade VII, leading to the poorest students being unable to finish their schooling. In 2023, with a staff of 250 members across nine schools, we will serve 2800 students and 2000+ alumni – giving students a fighting chance at college, career, and citizenship. We aim to grow to 30 schools and 10,000 students over the next five years.

Role Summary:

At iTeach, the School Principal is the CEO of the school. Along with the vice-principal and/or lead teachers, they are responsible for the management and development of their team (typically comprising twenty staff members), the holistic learning for each student, and the rapid progress of the entire school towards its vision. The School Principal also leverages donors, government officials, program partners, and community leaders towards achieving their school goals. Lastly, the School Principal is a part of the iTeach Leadership Team and consequently plays a vital role in shaping the entire organization’s strategy and growth.

The responsibilities broadly fall into three categories: School Design, Team Management, and Stakeholder Investment.

I. School Design

  • Develop a three-year vision and strategy for your school
  • Design the student week, unit, and year, keeping your school context and resources in mind
  • Manage the school’s operations, including systems for facility management, data recording and submission, and government permissions (in collaboration with our Network Team)
  • Create and sustain a nurturing and high-performing staff and student culture
  • Monitor all aspects of the school’s day-to-day functioning and make progress towards the school vision, achieving better results with every passing year
  • Systematize the documentation of best practices and resources to assist other schools
  • Collaborate with the Finance Team and optimize the school budgets to equip the team best

II. Team Management

  • Get to know each staff member deeply, and co-create ambitious end-of-the-year goals
  • Coach staff members in various aspects of their work (design, execution, and reflection)
  • Review the progress of each staff member quarterly, and assist in identifying critical levers for improvement in the next quarter
  • Define and build a healthy and high-performing staff culture, lead regular culture norming meetings to ensure alignment and refinement of your culture
  • Collaborate with HR to ensure win-win career paths for staff members and their retention

III. Stakeholder Investment

  • Cultivate deep partnerships with local elected leaders and education officers to reach your school goals
  • Work closely with the School Management Committee and parent body to leverage their support.
  • Leverage our funding and volunteering partners to provide your staff and students with the resources they need to succeed

Experience and Competencies:

  • Exceptional performance as a teacher for 3-4 years
  • Overall work experience of 7+ years, with success in leading 10+ member teams
  • Proficient in project management
  • Ability to lead a team independently and deliver strong results
  • Preferred: Experience in coaching and development of teachers

Location: Pune

Salary: Salary is decided based on the candidate’s education and work experience. Our compensation for this role lies between 10 Lakh Per Annum – 12 Lakh Per Annum.