GSEB HSC Board Exam Date 2023

GSEB HSC Board Exam Date 2023 has been declared by the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board. On March 14, 2023, the board exams will begin, and they will last until March 31, 2023.

 The board exams are approaching soon and therefore the last few days are crucial for every student appearing for board exam,

This exam is considered to be the very important stage for any student as it affects the career prospect of any student.

Some of the effective tips to help students prepare for their board exams while keeping stress at bay:

·         Proper study plan

Lay down proper planning how and what to study. Break the syllabus of each subject, starting from the toughest one. Paste that plan on the study table easily visible to you. Mark your progress by a marker every day you finish your day. It will motivate you towards achieving your target score. Remember that, this is for your personal satisfaction and not to fool around your parents that you are meticulously studying. It will help you utilize the crucial last 15 days and also set your focus on studies. Set realistic and achievable goals

  • Start with tough subject / chapter (important topics)

With less than 15 days in hand, the focus should be on revising chapters with high weightage and important topics. If there are any doubts, you  should reach out to the teachers and ensure all the doubts are clarified much in advance.  Being well-versed with these chapters will help you to score more in boards. Devote maximum time to chapters that are tough and need more revision and practice.

·         Detail study of your Textbooks

Complete study of the textbooks help student understand the question paper and appear for close answers. State Board text books are designed to give the student required knowledge of the subject. Moreover, the exercises provided at the end of each chapter must be thoroughly completed. Each textbook is, thus, vital as every line of the book entails important information.

·         Increase your writing speed with accuracy

Understanding of the chapter, and continuous writing practice will help you solve the exam paper on time and that makes a whole difference. You  should solve as many mock tests as possible in a timed manner to improve their writing speed and accuracy.

The best way to improve speed and accuracy is by setting a timer every time a student practices a question or takes a mock test.

·         Time Management skills

Good time management skills are important in succeeding any exam. You must cultivate habit of prioritising the important things. Prepare a “To Do list” which will help you prioritise the things. Don’t put lots of time and energy  in preparing the “To Do list”.

 Observe closely the time you are spending on each question and its weightage. Additionally, solve as many mock papers as you can. This will be useful in strategizing how much time should be spent on a particular question or section, etc., and allow enough time for revision.

·         Last Moment Revision (LMR)

Last 15 days are best for revising the chapters and writing the dummy papers. Revising the text books, study notes and ensuring nothing is getting missed out. Developing focus on the subject that is weak and tough. 

·         Relaxation

It is utmost important that during this preparatory phase, you are eating and sleeping properly and at a right time. Avoid eating junk food and irregular sleeping practice. Often talk to your family, friends, specially parents and share any stress or tension (if any you have) . Opening up with your family will relieve your tension and make you strong to face the challenge.

Request Parents must also avoid setting any unrealistic expectation or compare the child with other children during this crucial time of your child.

Before your exam day, prepare your stationary pouch, ensure all required stationery, your examination gate pass (hall ticket), writing pad, your water bottle is handy   

During your exams also

  • Get a good night’s sleep.
  • Eat sensibly before the exam, 
  • Stop studying about an hour before the exam.
  • Know the time and place of the exam.
  • Drink sufficient water to avoid dehydration
  • Don’t carry unnecessary things in the exam centre
  • Develop positive confidence and appear for your exams

Note: This list is indicative and can be used as base to prepare for the board exams, but every student must positively try and find out  strength and weakness and start working on it. 

All the very Best