The employer has to post a job as per their requirement.

A employee will have to apply for the job as posted.

Employee must check the location and details of the job posted so as most relevant job be applied.

No we do not charge any additional commission from either candidate or employer. In case of services any opted, the charges paid will be only the cost.

Note that once you delete your account, you cannot get your profile back. For security reasons, you also may not be able to create a new account with the email used by you earlier.

Job Search is not a one-time activity. Your profile might be useful when you search for a new job in the future, hence we don’t recommend users to delete their profiles.

Still if you want to delete the account, Go to your profile and select delete profile. Once deleted we will not be able to retrieve it back.

Please note in case of any services opted and paid and that you delete the account, the payment so will not be refund in full or part.


No neither of the employer or employee can see each other profiles. Only it is possible in case of one applies to the job posted by the employer.

Your documents are safe and will not be shared with any other agencies except in case if you agree to share.

We are moving ahead with a concept of precheck. Employer can rely only us that candidate is verified as well has be primary background check.

On the other hand we ask the documents from employer too to verify them.