7 Reasons to Use Podcasts in Education

Podcasts are an effortless way to take in information, and they can keep students engaged for longer. Here are 7 reasons why using podcasts in education helps students learn.

1. Listen whenever, wherever

Lecture beyond Lecture Hall

Podcasts are easy to fit into daily routines. Downloadable, listen while doing mundane tasks like walking, learn at your disposal.

2. Podcasts make it easier for students to catch-up

Missing classes can be stressful and demotivating. Recording a podcast for your course could be the solution. Instead of being burdened with heavy and intimidating textbooks, students could simply listen to a podcast on their way to school to catch up. This would combat stress, and stop students from falling into a continual cycle of always being behind on work.

3. Listening might be better than watching or reading

When listening to an audio drama, you have to use your imagination to picture what’s going on. Your brain has to work at the pace of the audio, so your mind can’t wander off like it does when reading a textbook page. And because you have to actively think about what you’re hearing, you can’t only half pay attention like you might with video. So podcasts may be the best way to keep your students’ attention on the work.

Listening is better than reading or reading and listening together

4. Prioritize active learning in the classroom

Podcasts can give everyone essential information for the course, so they’re ready to explore it fully in lessons. Both active and passive learning are needed for a well-rounded education. Passive learning involves going over content independently, for example by reading or listening to it. Active learning is much more hands on, and requires more direction from the teacher. Podcasts are a great way to teach new content, something suited for passive learning.

5. Podcasts help accommodate all learning styles 

Different people prefer different styles of learning, so variety is key if you want to engage all your students.

6. Podcasts are the perfect revision tool

Podcasts are a wonderful revision tool to go over past material. Students can go at their own pace, pausing and replaying at parts they need more time on.

7. Podcasts are easy to make and cost-effective

You don’t need to fancy video equipment or editing software to make a great podcast. Armed with a bit of Googling and some patience, you can learn the ropes quickly. USB microphones don’t cost much and plug straight into any laptop or computer.