5 Ways to Use Podcasts in Teaching

Podcasts are such a diverse medium, and there are a thousand ways you can use them to engage your students. Here are 5 ideas to give you some inspiration.

1. Set existing podcasts to listen to

There are loads of podcasts already out there, so why not take advantage? Over 500,000 podcasts are active with new episodes regularly, and education is one of the top categories. Podcasts made for students are designed to be easily understandable, to make preparing for exams as pain-free as possible. Revise – A Level English Lit Revision is hosted by students for students, and Mr Allsop History was created by a teacher specifically for GCSE modern history courses.

Or there are loads of podcasts made by experts. Some of these will not only make your subject less frustrating for students, but they might actually spark some joy.

Entertaining AND Educational

2. Repurpose lectures as podcasts

Most classes already use lectures as part of their teaching methods. So why not record the lecture as you’re giving it? Upload the audio online, and add video if you want to give the option of watching as well. Sometimes repeated listening helps to understand the topic.

3. Record conversations with others

Adding another person to your podcast is an easy way to keep it entertaining. Even if you’re a charismatic speaker, it’s natural to zone out listening to a single voice for an extended period. Studies have shown that listeners are more engaged by dialogue than a simple narration. Your students will give your podcast more attention for longer if you spice it up with a bit of variety in who is talking. It’s also easier to keep your speaking pace right if you’re in conversation.

4. Use storytelling in your podcasts

Podcasts are an amazing medium for storytelling, and the genre is growing massively. More and more people are discovering the potential of podcasting for creating immersive worlds. It’s a well known truism that stories help people learn, and studies agree. Everything is easier to remember once it is part of a narrative. So turning some of your lessons into a story is a great way to improve your students’ learning.

5. Get students to make their own podcasts

Teachers are always looking for new projects to set. Why not have the next one be for your students to create their own podcast together? Helping them develop lifelong skills like teamwork, research, writing and speaking will make your students more employable. This can also be part of that active learning that will make sure everyone really understands the subject.

Podcasts as a group learning activity

Giving students projects to work on together is more important than ever right now. With fewer opportunities to meet new people because of COVID, students need other ways to find social interaction. Making a podcast in groups makes sure students are improving their people skills, even if they’re working from home.

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